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muskie, the king of the gamefish (#22)

For those who find adventure in exploring the wilderness, nature opens it's doors to the natural beauty of the Canadian Shield. Right from the front door of FIRESIDE LODGE, you can experience the wildlife surroundings with its untouched splendor.

Eagle nests are plentiful on this lake system. It is a great sight to see these magnificent birds soar through the sky, or swoop down to catch a fish. Photographs of their young, in the nest, are a great addition to any photo album. Birdwatchers will be also inspired by the other many species that inhabit the area. To name a few; Cape May Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, Boreal Chickadee, Red-eyed Vireo and Grey Jay.

A day trip in a canoe will provie a tranquil tour of the waters and shorelines. A portage over to the other side of the lake will bring you to Twin Falls to enjoy the sound of the rushing water and wonderful photo opportunity. We can help you plan your day, and provide a well marked map and equipment.

Come and explore the wilderness where moose, bear and wolves roam free. Witness the inventiveness of a beaver building a dam to provie its livelihood. Observe creatures such as minks and otters, working and surviving the only way they know how.

Experience the splendor of nature's "night show", the Northern Lights, right from the deck of your cabin or the front porch of the lodge. As the lights in the sky begin their subtle dance of color, you'll watch in amazement of the beauty. Then the dance explodes into a light show of streaks of color and shooting beams of light. As the show comes to an end, you stand and wonder what you just saw, and look forward, with hope, of seeing it again!

Fireside Lodge provides a change of atmosphere from your everday life. Photographers will appreciate the natural surroundings and the wildlife that our area has to offer. For the exercise enthusiast, our two miles of quiet scenic road are excellent for jogging or hiking.

Nature provides this grand show for those who would like to "slow life down", at least for a while.

Fireside Lodge Logo -- A Canadian Wilderness Experience

Fireside Lodge Ontario Fishing

Fireside Lodge

A Canadian Wilderness Experience

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Fireside Lodge Ontario Fishing

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